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Creating stunning images of women is my job, but my real passion is having women see in my images how amazing they are

I'm Brooke.

I believe all women are beautiful!

I want to empower you to see and embrace your own beauty!

Have you ever had a photograph taken of you that you hate? I have, in fact I've had several! Part of why I became a photographer was knowing there had to be something better behind the lens and being determined to find it.

All women should have an image they LOVE, not just tolerate! We should see how amazing we are, how special being a woman is, and how life has made us a work of art.

 As a photographer I'm not looking for the perfect smile, I'm looking for you. The authentic individual who is you! That's what I see and Capture.

Contact me personally today to book your Boudoir session, lets celebrate YOUR beauty!