Why would I do a boudoir session?

The why is complicated and simple. Most clients come to us to create a gift for a husband or boyfriend or at least that’s why they justify it.

The why really is that what we do during a session is celebrate how beautiful and amazing and awesome you are! We embrace you and empower you to love yourself more! So if experiencing that sounds great then YOU should do a boudoir session!

Who should do a boudoir session?

Every woman! Every size, every age, every shape, every woman should experience this!

Its empowering, overwhelming, exciting, fulfilling and it really is a celebration of YOU!

We will help you figure out the best type of lingerie for your session and your body type and direct you to some fantastic stores. We will even help you shop! And we also have a selection of pieces in the studio for you to borrow. Before your session we will send you a list of idea pieces and some essentials. The week of your session we will also send you tips to be fully prepared.

 Our professional hair and makeup is designed to make you look and feel your best during your session. As your photographer it is my job to provide you with direct personal coaching. This ensures that we create high quality faltering images with every session.

How do I book a session?

You can book here at the book now button. The session fee is $300 and includes Hair & makeup styling, access to our client closet, direction and coaching during your session (about 90 min long) and editing of your images. After you book your session our full preparation guide will be emailed to you.

How long does it take to see my images?

Editing turn around is between 1-2 weeks. After your session we will book an appointment for you to come and order your images.

How does ordering work?

You will return to the studio to review your amazing images! You then choose your favorite images and we create custom artwork. The average client investment is $1425. After your favorite images are chosen and your artwork is paid for delivery takes 2-6 weeks.

Are you ready?